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I am currently attending my California Special Driver Certificate renewal class.

On this page, and the following pages, I am making available to you, the information that I learned in class, and or, found on my own.

The following links are to tests I created from either handouts that we were given in class, or from information I found in the CHP HPH 82.7
Test #1
Test #2
Test #3
Test #4
Test #5
Test #6
Test #7
Test #8

This link is to a graphic I made in an attempt to demonstrate
Tail Swing

On this page, I try to describe the Danger Zone around a school bus, and have created a graphic that show a perfect world student loading
Danger Zone

The following table is a representation of some of the information that was written on the white board in class

School Bus Drivers Forms Vehicle Departments
Age 18 T01 State Form,
Training Certificate
Inspections Before driving each day
and each vehicle driven
CDE Approves
the training
License A or B with
' P ' & ' S '
DL51 Medical Report,
Drivers   CHP Testing & regulates
safe operation
Certificate Temporary from CHP
Permanent from DMV
DL45 Cal. Special Driver
Mechanics Inspect every
3,000 miles or
45 days
DMV Issues Permanent
Certificate /
hearing & action on
Special Certificate
First Aid Card Throughout term of
Special Certificate
CHP292 Inspection Approval
CHP Inspection 292 DOJ Background
Training Delegate or
State Certified
CHP295 Special Certificate
Documents CHP 292
Proof of Insurance
FBI Background
check / 7 years
US residency
Who       Emergency
First Aid
Fire Extinguisher
3 Reflectors
Hours original 40     Seating
CHP 292    
Hours renewal 10     Head lights at all times
when in motion
Documentation T01, T02, T03     Ambers 200 feet    
Drugs / Alcohol
Re employment
Reasonable suspicion
Post Accident
Loading &
Denial, susp.,
500 feet    
Cancellation       Strobes 500 feet    

Required # of units in a First Aid Kit
Number of Passengers Total Units
1 - 16 10
17 - 42 16
43 or more 24

The Safety Circle consists of three rings. The widest being the zone of recognition, the middle ring being the zone of action, and the inner ring is the accident zone.


IPDE = Identify / Predict / Decide / Execute

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